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Fondée en 2011, Esprit Sud Sevens a pour mission première de développer la pratique du rugby à 7 dans la région Occitanie. Aujourd’hui l’association réuni une centaine de membres (bénévoles, dirigeants, coach, joueurs et joueuses) autour du passion commune : le Sevens. 


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OUr teams

Esprit Sud Sevens ce sont avant tout deux équipes de rugby à 7, féminine et masculine, évoluant au plus haut niveau du Circuit Elite français.

Sevens Summer Camp

Destiné aux U16 et U18, le Sevens Summer Camp est le premier stage de rugby à 7 aux bords de la Méditerranée. 

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Retrouvez ici l’ensemble de nos marques : Esprit Sud Sevens, Med Sevens, Winter Sevens et Sevens Summer Camp and Esprit Sud Sevens. Enjoy!

Rejoins nous : Joueur d'Esprit Sud Sevens en pleine action lors d'un match de Rugby à 7

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Rugby sevens requirements

Sevens rugby is a quick, precise and telegenic game. Played on the same pitch as Rugby Union, with less players (7) and less game time (14 minutes with two 7-minute half times). With ensures a game level that is fast, continuous action and substantial scores compared to the other forms of rugby. There is less matches and training session so less impacts, which guarantees a better physical condition, while having the opportunity to play a spectacular sport.
Speed leveL
Precision level
FUN level

About Sevens rugby

Rugby Sevens is an Olympic discipline in our sport: rugby. Invented in 1883 in Melrose in Scotland, it is where the first Rugby Sevens Tournament was organised. 


some comments from our team

What I like at the tournaments is the atmosphere ! Everytime we spend great moments, and I would have difficulties to leave the team. We you come once, you won't want to leave !
Manon Hamel, bénévole dans l'association de rugby à 7 Esprit Sud Sevens, en pleine action de bénévolat lors d'un évènement Esprit Sud Sevens.
Manon Hamel
Sevens Rugby let's us forget the pressure that we have all year with 15 rugby ! But also to discover a game that is completely different and is less focused on the physical challenge and more of the creative side.
Joueur d'esprit sud sevens en pleine action lors d'un match de rugby à 7, dans le but de motiver pour la page rejoins nous et la page Esprit Sud Sevens
Jean Andre Vernetti
At Esprit Sud Sevens, I love the idea of friendship, we are easygoing. The players come from different horizons but it is at Nossa that is the real spinal cord of the association. So everybody gathers there with pleasure.
Rejoins nous : photo de David Theillet, coach
David Tellier

OUR sponsors

They are the development drivers in our club, our partners are real stakeholders to our association.

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