Rugby Sevens


Rugby Sevens : An olympic discipline that is created in Melrose, in Scotland

Rugby Sevens is an olympic discipline of our sport : rugby. Of Scottish invention, it's in 1883 in Melrose, that the first Rugby Sevens tournament is organised. In 1976, this discipline becomes international, with the organisation of the Hong Kong Sevens. World Rugby launches in 1999 it's own annual competition : World Rugby Sevens Series. 

It's for the Olympic games in 2016, in Rio that Rugby Sevens is added to the Olympic discipline list. Little by little, Rugby Sevens scaled up, particularly in Women's rugby. The Rugby Sevens Women's team placed 2nd in the 2018 world cup, and it's international player Jessy Trémoulière received player of the year award in World Rugby.

A spectacular sport but also better for fitness

Rugby Sevens is a quick, precise and telegenic game. Played on the same pitch as Rugby Union, with less players (7) and less game time (14 minutes with two 7-minute half times). Which ensures a game level that is fast, with continuous action and substantial scores compared to the other forms of rugby. 

There are less matches and training sessions so less impacts, which guarantees a better physical condition, while having the opportunity to play a spectacular sport.

Rugby Sevens : a festival sportsmanship

Rugby Sevens is a unique concept of "sport/brand", that is built around the public engagement and organisation of events "sport & festival".

With this format, Rugby Sevens allows the organisation of competitions with many matches throughout the day, creating a new type of sporting event where the teams from all levels, and the public mix in the outdoor village and the visitor gallery. The idea, for the public is to come dressed up, in order to have a friendly moment around the sport.


The Rugby Sevens French Championship : Circuit Elite 7s

The World Rugby Sevens Series, is the Rugby Sevens international championship (circuit). In France, the championship is the Circuit Elite Sevens, it is regulated by the French Rugby Federation. It's within this championship that our club is enrolled in. Because, as well as having our teams competing in the highest level, we organise the last and final step of this Circuit : the Med Sevens.

The competition format is close to the international Circuit with : 12 permanent teams + 4 invited teams who participate at the identified steps. For 3 out of 4 steps the teams accumulate points, to determine the outcome. : which team is the Rugby Sevens National Champion.

In 2020, 3 steps are programmed : the JC Technique Sevens, the Howard Hinton Sevens and the Med Sevens.

For the women's team, the Sevens National Circuit is the Circuit Open Sevens. It's the championship in which our Women's team competes in.

Circuit Élite Sevens partenaire officiel de l'association de rugby à 7 Esprit Sud Sevens.

The European championship : the Sevens European series

For 2 years, a European Circuit indépendant de toute fédération a vu le jour. Le Sevens European Series réuni en 2020 dix étapes à travers l’Europe : le Winter sevens (Montpellier), le Melrose Sevens (Ecosse), le Norwich Sevens (Norvége), le Lisbonne Sevens (Portugal),  le Rovigo Sevens (Italie), le JC Technique Paris Sevens, Andorre Sevens, le Bern City Sevens (Suisse), le Brussels Sevens (Belgique), et le Praha Sevens (Prague). 

With 3 mandatory steps, the working order is the same as the Elite Sevens Circuit.



The French Rugby Federation and the national league created a professional competition where 16 teams of which 14 teams of the TOP 14 championship are invited. The aim is to develop Rugby Sevens in France and bring visibility to this sport that is constantly growing. It's also a virtuous circle to continue to develop the French Rugby Sevens team and accomplish the performance objectives at an international level, and specifically the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

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